Welcome to the Perry Removals Braintree website. This website has been designed to help you through the process of moving home with information not only on the removal itself but on other pre and post removal day issues.

With a rapidly increasing population of over 53,000, Braintree has possibly taken it's name as a distortion of nearby Rayne village. Rayne was previously the larger of the two settlements in Norman times.

Now renowned for the Freeport Retail Outlet, the town dates back over 4,000 years. Early dependence on the wool trade gave way in the mid 1800's to the silk industry, which was brought to the town by the wealthy Courtauld family. Famous folk from the town include from the music world  The Prodigy and Steve Harley of Cockney Rebel, whilst U.S. statesman John Adams was born in the area.

Braintree is twinned with Pierrefitte sur Seine in France and lends its name to Braintree Massachusits and Braintree Vermont.

Perry Removals have carried out moves in almost every street and village in the area including Hawthorns Retirement Village, Towerlands Equestrian Centre, and throughout the developments at The Notleys  and beyond.





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