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 Operational recommendations from Government advisors and the BAR  for Removal companies and their clients

We request that: 


  • The customer should deep clean the home and their goods and effects in preparation for the move.  

  • The customer should self-pack miscellaneous and non-breakable items wherever possible (the mover will supply the necessary cartons and other materials and should itemise any associated costs) 

  • The mover to limit any packing service (if possible) to the packing of china, glass and breakable items.

  • The customer should dismantle and re-assemble furniture items wherever possible.

  • One family member only to be in attendance at the premises during the move and the 2m social distance to be maintained at all times.

  • The customer should a wear facemask during the removal process.

  • Request that no pets are free to roam around the house during the move.

  • No other trades people to be in the property(s) during the move process.

  • We should request that access to W/C, wash facilities should bedevailable for the move crew, and that where possible   those facilities would be for the use of the crew only. 

  • Windows should be opened prior to the crew arriving to maximise ventilation. 

  • For Crew refreshments:, the crew will provide their own kettle, cups, tea bags etc.  



Completed job sheets/inventories etc. to be emailed to the customer to avoid contact.


Terms and conditions should be varied to allow for potential problems or restrictions arising from COVID-19.



last updated 22:00 08/06/2020